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Our purpose is to assist you in your study of the Bible. “Why do I need help?” you ask. The Bible was written by 40 different writers over a period of 1500 years. Different periods of history, peoples, cultures, languages, etc. are involved. All of the information in the Bible is given by the inspiration of God. It is complete to accomplish God's purpose. But few words are used to present the profound eternal truths which God wants me to know and understand. The stories of the lives of people are often given to illustrate God’s message for me. What is the message? Where does this message fit into the picture of God’s message for me? What does the Lord want me to know that I need to apply in my life each day?

God loves you.
God wants you to be saved.
God wants you to live with Him in heaven.
God has provided The Way through Jesus.
Will you seek God and His salvation?

Bible lessons are available in different formats to satisfy various needs. We hope that you will find lessons which are useful for you and your study of God’s word.

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All lessons may be copied for your use unless otherwise noted. Lessons may not be copied for the purpose of resale.

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May God bless you to learn more about the Lord and His salvation which leads to eternal life in heaven.


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